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Brain School brain trainer V1.10 + New WM6.x V1.40

'WARNING!!' This one is fun and addictive ....... x 20!

Twenty mini games for just $4.95

TOUCH SCREEN VERSION (Pocket PC / Windows Mobile)

This is a brain trainer with a difference ..... 20 amazingly addictive and FUN puzzles, each at 5 increasing levels of difficulty. Not only fun, but it will train your brain across a wide range of differing aptitudes such as; Verbal, Spatial, Numerical, and Musical ........ challenge your brain and make sure it's functioning at it's optimum potential!

Ulimate Brain Trainer!

What a pity school days were never this much fun. This is one school from which you'll NEVER be tempted to play truant!!!!

Can you graduate from Brain School ?

A few more screenshots ... there are 20 different games + 4 types of test and progress reports. Check your improvement in mental agility every day!

Square, Portrait, Landscape, VGA and QVGA support.


Brain School is utterly brilliant. I’ve not had so much fun playing a game in a long time. You can always find a game to suit your current mood and you can always justify the time because you’re making yourself smarter!

Just Another Mobile Monday (Read full review)

Probably one of the most Addictive games I have played ... stimulates the brain while it entertains.

Aximsite (Read full review)

Do you ever feel like the mental equivalent of the 90 pound weakling, while your co-workers kick sand in your face? If so, then your brain could definitely use a workout, and it is time for you to go back to school. Your brain will be stretched, twisted and shaped into a considerably more powerful instrument!

GearDiary (Read full review)

In the end you find yourself playing “just one more game!” for a long time. Is Brain School worth purchasing? Yes, defenitely.

SolSie (Read full review)

If you're into flexing your cranial muscles you can't go wrong here.

Rusty Sabre (Read full review)

It's funny because a few days after playing the trial and unsuccessfully completing even the first level of the plastic puzzle, I almost posted a negative comment stating that the difficulty was discouraging me from purchasing the game.

Then I thought about my most common complaint of other games I purchase and play. One in particular - I won't mention the name, but I purchased this great puzzle game last year and absolutely loved it and couldn't put it down. Then, a week later something terrible happened. It was over - every level complete. I've never played it again because the challenge is over.

Even though it can be terribly frustrating at the time, there is something great about not being able to finish something the first or second (or 50th try.)

I finally completed the 1st level of the plastic puzzle and my nemesis puzzle has been defeated, and that's the best part - all of this work and frustration, just to complete the easiest level - and once I finally did, both arms shot straight up in victory.

I have now purchased this game and I can't wait to see what's ahead, but I know that there is finally something out there that I must work at to complete. That is satisfaction...

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  • Guaranteed Tingles in your Temples.
  • Helps you
    • Improve your memory
    • Improve your spatial awareness
    • Improve your logical thinking
    • Improve analytical reasoning
    • Improve verbal reasoning
    • Improve numeracy
    • Improve concentration
    • Maintain neuronal efficiency
    • Offset the effects of brain ageing
    • Improve aptitude test scores
  • Loads of fun and yet it is good for you!
  • You go to the gym to train your muscles; why not train your brain too!
  • Simple Sums, Paper Puzzle, Twins, School Trip, Music Lessons and fifteen more!
  • Includes SuDoku and Kakuro.
  • Up to 40 levels of difficulty per puzzle.
  • Daily test to monitor your progress.
  • Pick up and play but will take many months to complete.
  • Twenty different types of puzzle.
  • Pass your Year 4 finals to graduate!
  • Vast variety with everything from music lessons to a school trip to the farm.
  • Up to ten players.
  • Great for kids and adults alike!


  • Winning Finalist - The Treo™ Windows Mobile® Challenge Contest


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC.
    • QVGA, VGA and Square screen compatible.
    • PPC 2002, WM2003, 2004, WM5 and WM6 compatible.
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone (coming soon)
  • Symbian S60 eg Nokia N95 (coming soon)
  • UMPC (coming soon)
  • Windows XP / Vista (coming soon)

NB The WM6.x version uses .NET CF3.5 which you can install HERE.