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Our Products

Thanks to our special relationships with the World's biggest pda manufacturers we are able to offer superb value for money !

Games / Leisure:

  • Fruit Salad

    A manic maelstrom of fruit swapping fun. Can you hit the jackpot?

  • SuDoku Cubed

    SuDoku with a 3 dimensional twist - based upon our Award Winning mobile SuDoku.

  • Brain School

    Ultimate brain trainer with 20 fun games to improve memory, concentration, numeracy, verbal reasoning and more!

  • Brain College

    The sequel to Brain School! Twenty brand new brain teasers - a little bit harder too ;0)

  • Kakuro

    Need something harder ? SuDoku's big brother!

  • SuDoku

    Award Winning mobile SuDoku. Numbers, Pictures, Hints, Wizards, Flag Trail, X Wings, Jellyfish and more.

  • Chess

    Possibly the best mobile chess game ever ...

  • Casino Simulation


    Experience the casino on your PDA with up to 7 Casino games

  • Games Pack 1

    Old School Classics

    A suite of up to 6 classic games for your PDA ! Pick up and play at it's best !

  • Games Pack 2

    Arcade Classics - Relive the 80s

    A selection of up to 5 super arcade style games for your PDA ! Relive the 80s ! Lots of blips, bloops and almost 16 colors at once !

  • Games Pack 3


    A collection of legendary games for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Personal Productivity and Business:

  • Money

    World's best selling mobile personal finance manager !

    the World's No 1 best selling personal finance manager for your PDA. Try Mastersoft Money now and see why. As CNET put it ... "will somebody please steal this user interface ?". Incredibly easy to use yet with real power including Graphs, Charts and Reports. Winner of various awards including 2003 People's Choice.

  • Billable Buddy

    Billable Time Manager

    Manage billable time the easy way and charge for time accurately with the original billable time manager ! Simply click on a subtask to start/stop the timer. Chargeable amounts are updated by the second !

  • EasyFinance

    Visual Loan and Investment Analyzer with Financial Calculator

    Visually analyze loans and investments - complete with financial calculator

  • EasyLoan

    Visual Loan Analyzer

    Calculate and analyze loans with this stunningly easy to use visual loan analyzer.

Health / Fitness:

  • My Last Cigarette

    World's best selling "quit smoking" software ! - PROVEN !

    Stop smoking and stay quit with the Award Winning My Last Cigarette ! Monitors all your nicotine related vital signs and even calculates your expected increase in life span !